Braun Silk-épil 7

Braun Silk-épil 7

model No: 7951

Close-grip technology

The 40 tweezers have been engineered to close at the optimal angle and grip hair even closer to the skin for better removal of even the shortest hairs (0.5mm).

Helps easily guide your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hairs for no miss removal.

Waterproof & washable
Thanks to a sealed body, they can be both used and cleaned under running water.

Shaver head
Allows you to use your epilator as a full-fledged dry shaver.

Sensitive area head or cap
Perfectly fits to underarms and bikini area.

High frequency massage
The high frequency massage system stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the plucking sensation during epilation to maximize your skin comfort.

Facial head or cap
To remove unwanted facial hair.

High density brush

10.000 fine bristles gently sweep away dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of the skin surface.

Cordless usage up to 40 min
Get up to 40 minutes of operation after just 1 hour of charging.

Ergonomic angle
Enables convenient use on all body areas.
Exfoliating brush head (incl protection cap)
Pivoting head
Better adaptation to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness.