About us


Our Vision :
Individual company is seeking to be a limited liability company operating in all areas of investment through the establishing, managing, participating in commercial or industrial or service activities that are distinct and on line with global developments.

Our Mission :
Work to find investment opportunities in the Syrian and regional market through establishmenting of new companies or entering partnerships with existing ones and introducing the mentality of professional work to the community. We also seek to expand and update, as well as continuing to diversify our products and services and the use of the international standards of techniques and methods for market research with strategic approach in marketing and business management. In addition to develop a high-quality skills and qualified working group on an ongoing basis and to create a professional and healthy work environment.

Ever Green Group consists of several companies engaged in various activities in addition to planning for the establishment of other new companies:

Ever Guarantee:
which act as a sale and after-sales service centres for various international brands.

Ever Beauty:
A company that owns or invests points of sale or shops or corners inside the malls or in creating a specialized Mall for health and beauty care for both sexes and sells all kinds of beauty products and accessories, whether through imports or through agents.

Ever Green Real Estate:
Which works in real estate investment and development within a specific terms and conditions that are clearly distinct it’s work from most of other real estate development players by the establishment of residential complexes built by using an environment-friendly materials with the presence of centres to treat domestic waste solid, liquid and re-use within the assembly.

Ever Green Distribution:
Working in the distribution of various goods and commodities through the creation of distribution networks in various markets and sectors in Syria.

To raise, train and sell Arab and foreign horses, sell the tools and supplies of horses and horsemen, and provide a professional training for the equestrian in centres that offer many educational activities and entertainment.